Very Affordable Rustic Outdoor Bench

Sep 20th

Rustic outdoor bench garden in concrete are very simple to make and very affordable. The one in the picture here is a mixture of concrete and pieces of wood and is just a little more complex than this diy concrete bench. And it is a real proof that the stone benches can look very good. Just keep in mind one important thing: concrete benches are really difficult to move so you should plan your location well before construction.

Rustic outdoor bench of trunks tree is one of the simplest banks you can do, but it is so warm and charming! And best of all, making a bank of this type can be really free. All you need to do is find a pair of fallen trees (do not cut live trees.) A half trunk width is necessary for the seat, two pieces of trunk smaller for the “legs”, a plank and two branches should be Enough for the back.

Yes, without finishing such a rustic outdoor bench it will rot over the years, but I still recommend that you leave the wood as it is. The feeling that these banks create is unique and of course when the bank rots and is no longer usable, you can simply walk in the forest to look for other fallen trees.

This gallery is about very affordable rustic outdoor bench.