Repairing Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Sep 17th

Outdoor wicker furniture – The grace and charm of wicker furniture have kept homeowners delighted for decades. Although wicker is a solid choice for outdoor furniture. It can degenerate into a state of deterioration if not tended to on a regular basis. Fortunately, you can retouch outdoor wicker pieces to their former glory with a bit of elbow grease and easy maintenance.

Outdoor wicker furniture should be brushed regularly to remove a dirt effect that will inevitably settle into its cracks. Since wicker is often constructed from woven rattan or tab division, there is a multitude of spaces between each weave that can house debris, damaging the furniture itself. To clean the cracks, Martha Stewart suggests vacuuming the furniture with a brush-style accessory. A dry brush is another suggested tool for crack cleaning.

The next step in outdoor wicker furniture restoration is to clean the entire surface with a gentle mixture and soap. Use a toothbrush or other soft bristle cleaning tool to obtain all surfaces. If you notice mold in the piece, use a mixture of chlorine and cold water and rub the area until the mold is gone. Once you have cleaned the entire piece, let it be in a well-ventilated warm place outdoors that will dry out completely.

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