Outdoor Potting Bench Design Ideas

Sep 19th

Outdoor potting bench – If you are in need of additional outdoor space, as well as the space to display some accent plants, a bank with planters united is the answer. Attractive and long-lasting, a garden planter bench is robust and weather-resistant. No special skills are needed to complete this bank project, apart from the experience with a circular saw and a drill. Place the bank where it will be admired and used by many.

Making outdoor potting bench, cut four 2-foot lengths of 1-by-4-inch wood. Set the four tables above on their sides on a flat surface. Arrange the boards to form a square then screw them together. This is the top frame of the first pot, repeat to create a lower frame. Cut 16 lengths of 2 feet of 1-by-6-inch wood. These are the side tables of the first planter.

Ideas outdoor potting bench, adjust the two frames up on their sides on a flat surface. Arrange the frames so that they are parallel to each other, 2 feet apart. Place one of the side plates on top of the two frames, flush with the sides. Screw the plate into place. Repeat all the way around the frames until the sides form a square. Turn the planter over that the bottom is on the top. Screw a metal grid to the bottom of the pot. This will allow the water to drain out of the pot.

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