Installing Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Sep 18th

Outdoor kitchen lighting LED use a tenth of the electricity of conventional incandescent bulbs and the last 41 times more. Manufacturers are offering new LED products for home-wide applications that were previously unavailable. One of the simplest applications is a flexible linear LED lighting system, which provides a light under the cabinets without any additional heat or special wiring. The installation is easy. Just connect the light strip to the nearest exit.

Measure the space under the outdoor kitchen lighting cabinets where you want to install the LED lighting. Ask for the appropriate number of flexible light strips for your project. Fix the mounting channels to the wall under the cabinet as close to the cabinet as possible. So that the lighting is hidden from view when it is normally placed in the kitchen. Use screws to fix it to the wall. Or clean the wall with alcohol. And also use liquid nails to keep the channels in place. As an alternative, place the flexible LED light strip directly to the wall with the adhesive tape.

Outdoor kitchen lighting, pull the paper sleeve from the back of the strip to expose the adhesive. Either tape it directly onto the wall or mounting channel, leaving the loose end until the next section is connected. Continue to adhere the strips to the wall, connecting the sections to each other. Then, place the lens cap over the starting LED strip at the other end and gently push the cap into place along the mounting channel.

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