Ideas to Make Outdoor Furniture Covers

Sep 20th

Making outdoor furniture covers involves several challenges that you will not find when making covers for indoor furniture. First, the covers will have to face outdoors, or at least space on the screen or sunroom, conditions. Secondly, outdoor furniture can make holes in the covers and create more than the average level of wear. In addition, most outdoor wicker furniture games have a curved shape, which makes cutting the covers and sewing them more complicated than making covers for a boxy room set. With a little extra effort, giving covers for outdoor wicker furniture can still be a weekend project.

Measure the outdoor furniture covers wicker that is covered. Obtain measurements of the height, width and depth of each piece. Make sure you have enough of the high strength fabric to cover each piece properly, allowing at least 12 inches of waste for each number you are covering.

Make outdoor furniture covers, draped the fabric over the piece to be covered, and the use of the tailor’s chalk to mark the contours of the different sections of the piece of furniture. Carefully mark the contours of the back, the seat, the armrests if any, the fall of the seat, the wings if any, the sides and the backrest. Cut the pieces of fabric that you have marked, leaving a margin of seam 1 around each line marked.

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