Ideas for Seal Teak Outdoor Furniture

Sep 17th

Teak outdoor furniture adds an elegant and distinctive touch to the decor. Teak wood contains natural protective oils that make it resistant and easy to maintain. The grain of teak wood is also very good, which helps resist moisture. The teak wood from the heartwood of the tree is the most durable. You can find garden furniture, desks, tables, chairs, tables and other items made of teak wood. The wood begins a warm, golden shade those ages to a silver-gray hue. Sealing your teak wood is a way to preserve the golden color and help protect it against the elements.

Remove surface dirt from teak outdoor furniture with 1 teaspoon. Dishwashing liquid in 1 gallon of water. Allow the cabinet to dry overnight. Sand the entire surface of the furniture lightly to eliminate any aging or grayness of the wood. Clean the sand sanding carefully with a cloth. Apply teak sealant by spraying or with a brush, according to package instructions. Allow the sealant to dry for two hours. Apply a second coat of sealer and allow the cabinet to dry overnight before use.

Tips and warnings for seal teak outdoor furniture; the furniture must be completely dry before applying the sealer to obtain the best results. It is not necessary to seal, teak oil or finish to preserve it. Sealed retains the original golden color, if desired. Teak sealers contain chemicals that offer UV protection for wood, as well as resistance to mold growth.

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