Ideas for Install Outdoor Security Lighting

Sep 18th

Outdoor security lighting – Installing an outdoor safety light activated by movement is a fairly easy task. As long as you are replacing an existing lighting fixture with an outdoor electrical box. To add a new accessory where none exists requires the installation of a new circuit cable and electrical box and connects the cable to an existing circuit or a new circuit breaker. The following are the basic steps for replacing an old outdoor light with a motion activated flood accessory.

Ideas for install outdoor security lighting. Turn off the power to the lamp circuit by disconnecting the switch on the service panel. Then check that the equipment is switched off by flipping the appliance’s regular wall switch. Remove the accessory mounting screws securing the electrical box, and carefully pull the lamp holder away from the box. Check that the equipment is turned off to the device using a circuit tester. Remove the plastic cable connectors that connect the circuit wires of the lamp cables, and set the old lamp aside.

Try placing the new lamp in the electrical box to make sure that the holes for the mounting screws are aligned with the holes in the box and that the base of the luminaries will create an airtight seal on the box; most outdoor accessories have rubber gaskets for the creation of a seal. Then for install outdoor security lighting, connect the wiring of the new accessory to the circuit cables using new cable nuts. Then following the wiring diagram of the manufacturer. Carefully insert the wires into the box. And assemble the apparatus with the new mounting screws, making sure that the device creates a good seal.

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