Good Idea White Outdoor Bench

Sep 20th

White outdoor bench are subject to weather conditions, such as rain, snow or UV rays. The results of the constant weathering are the change in the color of the wood and the need for maintenance. Generally, outdoor wooden benches are varnished once a year for the best results and maintenance and to prevent damage to the elements.

Good idea white outdoor bench, fill a bucket with hot water and about three or four drops of soap or a similar mild detergent. Avoid strong detergents such as bleach unless the wood is mildewed or moldy. If the wood has mold growth, add about one to two full’s bleach cap in its place. Rinse the benches with a hose to remove leaves and accumulated dirt that is not stuck on. Wet the rag in the washing bucket and cleaning the outdoor bench. If using chlorine or if hands are sensitive, wear gloves before touching the water. Rub dirt and grime.

Ideas white outdoor bench. Dry the banks to remove excess water. Wait until the wood is completely dry before continuing. This prevents mold or mildew growth beneath the varnishing surface. Check for rough spots, rot or chipping while the wood dries. of the sand from the surface of the wooden bench. Use fine-grained sandpaper, such as 400 or 600 grains, and move in a reciprocating motion along the grain direction of the wood. Avoid moving the sandpaper in the opposite direction of the grain, as it can cause damage to the wood. Brush the sanding powder. And then paint wooden bench with white color.

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