Elegant Style Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Sep 18th

Outdoor kitchen islands, this kitchen is simply perfect, the glass top it has is ideal and resistant, and the combination with black chairs and dark wood furniture give it an elegant style despite being an outdoor kitchen. The stainless steel hood is the perfect point that breaks the color of the wood and gives a different sense. If you have a long but narrow space, here is a kitchen model that can serve as an example for the design you want to incorporate into your patio or terrace.

If you do not have enough space outside, but you do have it inside the house, analyze if you can comply with this proposal. You can join your interior kitchen with the outdoor kitchen islands of your house in a single space, using a plagable or sliding door that you can open to your liking and when you need it, as the architects of R79 have doneĀ  .

It is ideal because the outdoor kitchen islands would be just a few steps from the terrace but without taking space, so you could cook quietly inside the house while you share with your guests or guests watching from the terrace. Which of these designs is the one that adapts to your space? Would you tell us which one you liked the most?

This gallery is about elegant style outdoor kitchen islands.