DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

Sep 19th

DIY Outdoor Bench qualities of natural bark-covered logs and branches and coarse wood inspire creativity furniture making. Whether you are a beginner or an expert furniture cutter and furniture craftsman, creating rustic work brings unique items. Rustic furniture makes attractive garden accessories or eclectic pieces for a modern interior. Turn a bulky log into a robust, attractive bench with some tools and sometime over the weekend.


Tear the stock to the middle with a rip saw, and cut a piece down to 3 meters long. Possibly this has been done on a farmyard. Sand DIY Outdoor Bench with power grinder, using 80 grit, then 100, 120, up to 220 grit sandpaper. Finish grinds by hand with 320 slip paper; bring out the natural beauty and the wood’s agitation. Shape the edges of the ground plate with drawknife. Soft and even the edges, working with the wood’s vein, do not cut against it. Cut ash or plant trees into four pieces that are 20 inches long.

Use drawknife and woodworking chisel to trim one end of each leg into a 1 1/2 inch spindle. A tapered end for inserting into the drill holes that you are going to drill. Turn the plate on the side that will be in the bottom. Use the drill and router and drill a 2 1/2 inch depression for the legs to fit into each leg mark on the plate. Cover the spindle ends of the legs with the carpenter’s glue and insert them into the leg holes. Point them with a rubber club for a tight fit. Allow the glue to dry for a day. Apply heavy oil if the DIY Outdoor Bench use and allow drying thoroughly.

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