Dimensions of the Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Sep 17th

Outdoor kitchen sink only fits a few standard dimensions, although without specific it is absolutely correct for any sink. The standard dimensions refer to the width of the sink, to facilitate the installation of the sink inside a countertop. Different sink designs alter this standard dimension due to the way in which different types of sinks are installed in the countertop.

Sink bowl sizes are not the same as the dimensions of the outdoor kitchen sink. Sink bowl dimensions refer to the dimensions of the cup inside the kitchen sink, which is smaller than the overall dimensions, since the container is located inside the rim. A standard 22 by 24-inch kitchen sink usually has a sink bowl of 16 by 21 inches in diameter. Dimensions of a bowl, sink remain closer to the overall dimensions of the sink. Since there is no division between the bowls, as in a double sink.

Certain types of sinks have several dimensions. Built-in sinks install under the counter and feature no counter top edge to add additional length and width. The edge under the cover is only about an inch wide. This allows a larger container inside the countertop. However, the dimensions of the single bowl under cover remain similar to the toilet bowl mount. The dimensions vary between 24 and 30 inches long and 20 inches wide. Outdoor kitchen sink bowl sizes are 18 inches wide and between 22 and 28 inches long.

This gallery is about dimensions of the outdoor kitchen sink.