Comfortable Diy Outdoor Storage Bench

Sep 20th

The base, ten centimeters high, is very important because in addition to raising the seat to a comfortable height also contributes to its stability. If we have decided to place the diy outdoor storage bench in the open air, this base is easy to replace if damaged and also prevents the pine wood drawers from touching the floor directly. The parts of the base are screwed to each other from outside in. Make some holes in the narrow part of the slats.

Especially when working with plywood panels, the subsequent screwing will be much easier. The slats that make up the base must have two screws in each of the areas to be joined.  The boxes are placed diy outdoor storage bench in the base and screwed in from the inside; from up to down. To open the cover, a hinge strip like the picture is the best choice. Besides being cheap, it is not appreciated from the outside.

That is precisely why we have chosen it. You will find them available in different lengths and widths, but it is best to use one whose length is identical to the top of diy outdoor storage bench. Now, mark on the plywood plate that will seat the drill points. Finally, screw the ribbon with the hinge to the plywood panel. You already have the seat!

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