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    The TEDxOakville 2010 team is made up of a remarkable group of individuals who gave of their time and skill to organize our inaugural event. The success of this event is due to their passion, dedication and hard work.

    Curator & Founder

    Mark Mulholland

    Speakers Committee

    Sonny Jelinek

    Julie McLeod

    Event Planning Committee

    Kim Harrison

    Gurpreet Patheja

    MaryAnne Medved

    Annette Balgord

    Mike Kuyumjian

    Video Production Team

    Owen Deveney

    Prionnsias Murphy

    Ash Xavier

    Spencer Kenji Idenouye

    Jason Hunter

    Justin Ferrato

    Stuart Dykstra

    Fund Raising Committee 

    Mark Mulholland

    Pam Mulholland

    John Shearer

    Fred Haladay

    Marketing Committee

    Tamara McPherson

    Megan Allen

    Amelia McLeod

    Pam Mulholland

    Richard Douglas

    Information Management Committee

    Allan Waddington

    Set Design Team

    Fasial Anwar


    Theme Development Committee

    Peter Bouffard

    John Shearer

    Tazeen Quayyum

    Tamara McPherson

    Babur Mobarak

    Webcast & Satellite Host Committee

    Owen Deveney

    Allan Waddington

    Lynn Fergusson