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    Louise Paterson Sherwood

    Louise Paterson Sherwood is a resourceful and inspiring communicator, publisher, a positive influencer, a catalyst for creating positive change. To get on this path Louise has like all people had to overcome personal and professional challenges. Louise shares her abundant gifts in communications to give help and inspire hope to people, to overcome adversity, who may not otherwise have the connection to the same resources Louise has been blessed with. 

    In the summer before completing her final year of high school Louise was raped and beaten in two separate incidents. Louise transformed her life after leaving the community where both the abusers resided. Louise focused her energy on building her career and independence as an interior designer while attending Ryerson. For more than 15 years Louise enjoyed creating interiors for high profile clients throughout southern Ontario including then Premier David Peterson. 

    Blessed by marriage and two beautiful children, both under two years old, Louise had to deal with the challenge of continuing her career, which included a lot of travel, while wanting to be home being the primary caregiver for her toddlers- a significant challenge many women experience. Louise made the choice to change her career to work in her community, close by her family, and to do work for a cause she cares deeply about. Louise became the director of education for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by designing and implementing innovative education programs that has influenced the way people relate to and care for animals. Louise later founded Discover YOU! that has helped inspire hundreds of people though education programs and events to create the life and career they love. While hosting one of these events Louise was introduced to SNAP when it was just one paper in Newmarket, Ontario. The grassroots “good news” concept that SNAP is founded upon resonates so well with Louise that she helped solidify the first franchise of SNAP in Oakville, Ontario. Currently SNAP newspapers operate in more than 75 communities throughout the world- one of which Louise owned and operated in Burlington Ontario. Louise continues to fine tuning her life and career path to integrate her love for providing help and hope for people and pets in need. Louise recently created and launched the “Cats won’t wear Condoms- Fix Your Cat! campaign and is currently doing the layouts for a new community newspaper for people, focused on promoting love and care for pets called -Great Pet News TM

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    2 Responses to “Louise Paterson Sherwood”

    Karen October 2, 2010

    I liked how, during you TED talk, that you mentioned that the idea behind your new paper was to focus on the *positive* way of spreading ideas. I think that is very important! Positive mental focus is a goal towards which I am striving.

    Louise Paterson Sherwood October 3, 2010

    Thanks Karen- I appreciate that my message was received in the context of inspiring. When i speak it is as if I have to let go of how the message will be received- and just trust that it will get to who is receptive to it.

    I tried to have 100% positive mental focus ( i’ve failed! LOL!) I have been able to move forward and speak the words that I feel compelled to communicate. I am not sure whether as humans- at this stage of our evolution, if we can entirely stop some of our negative mental focus because it is the negative in the world that compels us to make a change-we have to be aware of the awful truth- accept it and then choose what we are capable of doing- to have the courage to develop conscious awareness of the so called “negative”- in balance with our most positive love filled “motivations for the world we live in. It has become my motivation in spite of the pain I’ve experienced that became the catalyst to – to make steps forward positively to stop the pain for all concerned, in whatever way we are gifted to do so.It does not matter whether it is true or not- I only ask if it is an idea worth believing in….. I believe it is! Keep me posted on your progress!